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Fantastic Four, t.7 - John Byrne Visionaries

 John Byrne (scénario & dessin)
Editeur (Collection)
 Marvel Comics
Date de parution
 Juillet 2007
 24.99 $
Nombre de pages
Episodes VO
 Fantastic Four #285-286; Fantastic Four : Annual #19; The Avengers #263; The Avengers : Annual #14; X-Factor #1
Correspondance VF
 Nova #128; Strange #228 (Éditions Lug)


Innovative 80s action! The World's Greatest Super-Team joins Earth's Mightiest Heroes when the FF and Avengers coverge in the midst of an alien civil war that changes the face of the entire Skrull Empire! Then, both teams return to Earth, where the FF inadvertently resurrects one of Marvel mutantdom's mightiest! Collects Fantastic Four #285-286 & Annual #19, Avengers #263 & Annual #14 and X-Factor #1.

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